Mind Against & Aether - Solaris

Mind Against & Aether - Solaris


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Release no.: AL003

Filled with contrasts in light and shadow and all the shades in between, Afterlife is thrilled to announce a collaborative release of Mind Against and Aether. ‘Solaris’ is a melancholic listen in the form of a three track EP that brings in the light, dives in the dark and finally grounds you.

The title track ‘Solaris’ starts off with a poised, hypnotic groove that surges into arpeggiated chords, lighting the way. ‘Eclipse’ drifts off into a svelte bassline working with a darker, driven composition of synths. ‘Event Horizon’ finishes with an immaculately hewn journey, with focus on harmonic developments and whirring polymetrics.

A1. Solaris
B1. Eclipse
B2. Event Horizon