Stephan Jolk - Analogy EP

Stephan Jolk - Analogy EP


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Release no.: AL039

Stephan Jolk distils his musical universe into the transcendent sounds of ‘Analogy’.

Following Stephan’s highly-anticipated track ‘Doubts’, released by Afterlife on the recent ‘Unity’

compilation, comes an eight-track story like no other. The title track ‘Analogy’ is another long-awaited gem

which has shone in the sets of Tale Of Us. It begins the ascent through a musical journey where distinct

elements collide and emotive reactions fill the spaces behind. Each chapter shows Stephan to be a

master of melody and cinematic sound design, whether in peak time mode (‘Esplora’) or with more

subdued atmospheres (‘Enlighted’). ‘Analogy’ stands out as a bold statement of Stephan Jolk’s vision and

what is to come.