Tale Of Us & Vaal - Monument

Tale Of Us & Vaal - Monument


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Release no.: AL006

 Tale Of Us present a new collaboration with Vaal for the sixth release on their Afterlife label. Three years after they teamed up for ‘Concur’ and began to tour together, the trio return with their most anthemic offering yet. Vaal’s hauntingly-beautiful and instantly-recognisable vocals are the centre-piece on ‘Monument’, building on the style of her Wander To Hell EP (AL002). The drums and shimmering synth lines are moody and uplifting in the way Tale Of Us have made their own, arranged perfectly for the psychedelic breakthrough.

On the flip side, ‘The Hangar’ takes a different approach to equally devastating effect. It pumps with added urgency and a thunderous, steely bassline lunges out from the low-end. Designed for large soundsystems and big rooms, ‘The Hangar’ finds Tale Of Us and Vaal at their most direct and it’s something to behold.